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Dr. Edwin D. Stewart is an international prophetic bible teacher as well as an author and attorney. He has been ordained for 38 years and holds a jurist doctor from Regent University School of Law in the United States. He is well versed in many bible subjects and teaches with a prophetic anointing. Nearly 39 years ago, God visited him with a special prophetic message for women serving and ministering in the body of Christ. Dr. Stewart has ministered in bible schools, conferences and seminars in over fifty nations and has contact offices in Switzerland, America and Australia.

When God called him to the nations over 20 years ago He gave him three primary messages:

The Most Needed Message in the Church

God is calling women leaders and ministers all over the world. Yet, centuries of tradition clash with the Holy Spirit’s desire to use women in the ministry of today’s Church. The Holy Spirit divinely visited Dr. Stewart 39 years ago and told him, “Half of my body is in bondage.” Dr. Stewart implicitly knew God was referring to female half of the body of Christ. He brings refreshing new light on the difficult women passages in the Bible.

The Most Important Message in the Church

Dr. Stewart has found one overriding frustration among Christians in all nations. They struggle for faith to receive from the Lord, supernaturally. Even though they are often associated with a church, faithfully give offerings, pray and endeavour to live a good Christian life, the difficulties and problems of loved ones go unmet by the power of God. This series on the blood covenant addresses this struggle for faith.

The Most Exciting Message in the Church

Where we are…where we are going…a look at the end of an age. Yes, the prophetic end times! For a Christian there is no fear in the end times. Contrary to popular belief, it will be the most exciting time the body of Christ has ever experienced. So many voices would have you believe it is a time of fear and anxiety, but God’s word brings faith, not fear! God dropped a prophetic image of the end times into Dr. Stewart’s heart and as he describes this image faith for the future explodse in your spirit.

Additionally, Dr. Stewart has conducted seminars helping people to hear the voice of the Lord, find the missing link to receiving from God supernaturally, and revealing the final revelation of the Church before Jesus comes. Under the heading SHOP, please review the numerous biblical themes Dr. Stewart has taught with new prophetic insight and revelation.

Speaking Engagements

Dr. Stewart is available for speaking engagements. He has held bible schools in Switzerland, Pastoral leadership conferences in the Philippines, and church seminars in the United States and Europe. He is open to conduct the meeting you desire. Please contact Dr. Stewart through

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In recent years, Dr. Stewart’s international ministry has focused on a prophetic message concerning the ministry of women in the body of Christ. This message has touched the lives of thousands of believers, both men and women, in over 50 nations of the world. His literary efforts in this vital area of ministry have been translated into German, English, Italianian, Spanish, Thai, French, Dutch, Greek and Danish.